WELLbranded Personal Branding + PR

Through workshops, online tools, inspiring recordings and corporate training sessions, I help wellness and lifestyle experts launch themselves into the public eye.

Join A WELLbranded PR Mastermind Session

I organize single and double-session mastermind workshops to help you fast-track branding and PR decisions, complete actionable steps and earn sensational industry achievements. I offer this format for women via my local in-person meetup sorority,  for co-ed groups at local coworking spaces and yoga studios, or online to serve my global lifestyle network

Listen and Learn from the WELLbranded Radio Show

I will let you hear for yourself — my podcast is aimed at wellness and lifestyle personalities who are struggling to navigate business and branding goals. I excel at helping PR newbies find their place in their industry AS THEY ARE TODAY, and rise up to build communities on their own terms. If you are not an industry peer, and simply need some tips on leadership, owning your identity and learning to relentlessly be yourself, I’ve got your back. Consider me your virtual cheerleader.

Subscribe to the One-stop WELLbranded Tools Resource

PR in your pyjamas here via my member site resources and tools library. This is a pilot member site designed for follow-up support to my workshop and mastermind attendees.  Access is given to those I have personally connected with. If you would like to subscribe to a 2-month access package, I will first verify that the material is relevant for your goals, by scheduling a complimentary discovery call with you, and getting to know your brand.

Are you paralyzed with inconclusive tasks or branding fear?

I know what it feels like to start building a business, brand or project and struggle with seeing tasks reach completion. All of my resources are designed to avoid branding paralysis. Most importantly, I am also here to show you how you can step into your brand identity on your own terms, and show you why audience numbers aren't your only hope at attracting meaningful public relations opportunities.