WELLbranded the Radio Show, Ep. 003: The Self-Doubt Cure: An Open Letter To Insecure Wellness Experts & Fitness Trainers

This is a brief episode sharing my personal mindset tool for eradicating self-doubt. This lesson is for everyone. I begin by sharing a story about my university professor from 20 years ago who was called out in class (by an idiot student) for being a fraud. Isn’t this everyone’s worst nightmare these days in our industry? Most of us are mortified at the thought of being exposed for not knowing our stuff,  while we attempt to position ourselves as experts in our field. I have limiting beliefs of my own as I push forward in my business and branding goals however, self-doubt in my expertise isn’t one of them. This isn’t because I think I know everything. It is 100% because of that defining experience I witnessed back in school.  You will love how my teacher handled the awkward situation and shut down the student bully without hesitation. I feel fortunate to have learned the lesson at such a young age and feel compelled to share it with as many people as possible.

I close the episode with some truthbombs dedicated to insecure wellness and fitness professionals who can’t afford to keep being apologetic and fearful in their careers. You know who you are, Friends 🙂


Episode dropping on iTunes this month!

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