WELLbranded the Radio Show, Ep. 004: The NIche Myth: An open Letter To Business Coaches Who Have Us Freaking Out Over Niching Down

Disclaimer: this is not a sassy, in-your-face shaming of business coaches… nor is it a passive-aggressive jab at business coaches whom I’ve worked with.  You don’t have to do much Googling to discover that there are countless business coaches capitalizing off of the paralyzing concept of niching down. If you have worked with a coach, you have likely been told that you are making the mistake of trying to serve EVERYONE and that you need to choose a targetted niche ASAP.

Niche clarity is a Business Development 101 kind of topic that we do all need to consider and become familiar with. However, there are several reasons you do not need to let this business-building step become paralyzing. You can let go of your worries of choosing the wrong niche or of not knowing who your niche audience is. Do not buy into the fear or urgency. You’re gonna be okay, Friends!  In this episode, I uncover the most important detail about niching down that many business coaches neglect to discuss .

*Episode dropping soon!

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