Drop-in Mastermind Community

Let's hang out! NO DRESS-CODE branding support for Lifestyle & Wellness Pros.

Why no dress-code? I believe we professionals need more outlets to be ourselves, shut off our professional image, and have comfortable experiences where we can show up stress-free. Sometimes we need to turn our attention inward, invest in ourselves, and not worry about being a perfectly-groomed, well-dressed representation of our brand. This is all about YOU – the real person behind your brand. Do you need a little support and guidance?  I find that by eliminating image-consciousness, my gatherings tend to attract intelligent, genuine and diverse souls but it also allows for introverts and people struggling with social anxiety to feel more relaxed. Come as you are, even if that means sweatpants and a messy bun.


EMPHASIS IS ON LESSONS AND APPROACHES THAT HELP ERADICATE BRANDING PARALYSIS. There are always 50 great ideas and strategies you can start today, but are they really a smart move for you RIGHT NOW, if they are going to stop you dead in your tracks, and cause you stress? Any good coach can look at your situation and see what is holding you back, but in many cases, the solutions just aren’t feasible for you to apply on your own while also battling real life. In my opinion, a scaled-back approach, with steps you can actually complete is how to create momentum and a little relief in your week.

Ask The Expert

Don’t be afraid to DM me in advance with specific problems or questions. These sessions are an opportunity to learn new methods and strategies, while also tailoring the material to your immediate struggles. I understand you are not a branding professional — I know how to create scaled-back action-plans with maximum results.

Online & Offline Sessions

If you can’t make it out to an in-person mastermind session, subscribe for alerts to hear about PR IN YOUR PYJAMAS single online group sessions – same high-value format, but we all stay home. Why single sessions? Because you are BUSY and I get it. ( FYI Offline sessions are through ZOOM App, which is a free download).

What To Expect

My goal is to make business and branding coaching more accessible and useful in the day-to-day. Each session will involve some discussion to help us become less paralyzed in building our brand. You’ll leave each hangout with a new easy and effective tool or strategy, plus personalized advice and encouragement.

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