Yes, Vancouver Has a Resident Publicist.


New York might be the long-time PR capital of North America but Vancouver’s progressive and fast-paced entrepreneurial climate is creating shifts in our local PR scene. Hi, I’m Mindy Ambrose and I am hitting the ground running, on a mission to help bring new school publicity practices to our region.

As a published fitness model and athlete, I’ve learned how to navigate the PR game and I enjoy helping others do the same. I’ve realized that not enough rising star brands and businesses understand how to access publicity opportunities that they are more than ready for. What breaks my heart is that I also come across individuals who are exemplary in their field, but who do not believe they are worthy of such media features and accolades. I’m here to disrupt the current PR scene and show our local heroes that they are both ready and deserving to be launched into the public eye, and show them how to achieve this as they are, today.

I will be adding new services in early 2019 including Social Media Management and Influencer Coaching packages, so I suggest bookmarking this site and following me on social.

Cheers Friends!


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